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Current Approaches and Novel Targets in Diabetes Drug Discovery
박경수 (서울대)
2010년 한국파스퇴르연구소 국제심포지엄  |  2010.02.19
Type 2 diabetes mellitus(T2DM) is rapidly increasing all over the world and morbidity and mortality from T2DM has become big health problem worldwide. Several studies have shown that intensive glycemic control reduces diabetic vascular complications during intensive treatment period and for years thereafter although there are still debates on the benefit of intensive glycemic control on the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition to 3 classes of old antidiabetic agents (insulin, sulfonylureas and biguanides) which were introduced more than 50 years ago, newer classes of antidiabetic agents such as glinides, thiazolidinediones,  glucosidase inhibitors, glucagon-like peptide-1(GLP-1) analogues and dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP-IV) inhibitors have been available for the treatment of T2DM during last two decades. However, these antidiabetic agents are not satisfactory for treatment of T2DM in terms of both efficacy and safety. Thus we need more treatment options based on better understanding of T2DM pathogenesis. Recent advances in understanding of pathophysiologic mechanisms of T2DM has led to novel drug targets of T2DM. Genomewide association studies of T2DM in the past 3 years revealed more than 20 novel loci which are associated with T2DM and related metabolic phenotypes. Although additional studies are needed, rapid progress in the genetics of T2DM might provide new insights into etiology of T2DM and promising opportunities for diabetes drug discovery.
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Session III Theme: Diabetes & Inflammation II
Alan Saltiel (University of Michigan)
2010년 한국파스퇴르연구소 국제심포지엄 | 2010.02.19
2010년 한국파스퇴르연구소 국제심포지엄 | 2010.02.19
Grahame Hardie(University of Dundee)
2010년 한국파스퇴르연구소 국제심포지엄 | 2010.02.19
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