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Intelligent System for Promoter Recognition with Multiple Decision Models
여상수 (중앙대학교)
제2차 한국생물정보학회 연례학술대회  |  2003.10.31
The Development of promoter recognition systems is a interesting problem in computational biology. In
this paper, we introduce a intelligent system for promoter recognition with multiple decision models using
artificial neural networks. We have trained this models with 1871 human promoter sequences and 5230
exon and intron sequences. Our system is found to perform better than other promoter finding systems in
sensitivity and specificity measures. We have tested our system with Chromosome 22 dataset.
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조회 2573    주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
Genome Analysis
제2차 한국생물정보학회 연례학술대회 | 2003.10.31
제2차 한국생물정보학회 연례학술대회 | 2003.10.31
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한국생물정보학회 | 2002.11.15
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