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BioWave  Vol.25, No.2 (2023년 2월) 오픈
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유전자 수준에서의 X와 Y염색체 초기분화 과정
손재학 (Yale School of Public Health)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기  |  2021.08.25
X and Y chromosomes are usually derived from a pair of homologous autosomes, which then diverge from each other over time. Although Y-specific features have been characterized in sex chromosomes of various ages, the earliest stages of Y chromosome evolution remain elusive. In particular, we do not know whether early stages of Y chromosome evolution consist of changes to individual genes or happen via chromosome-scale divergence from the X. To address this question, we quantified divergence between young proto-X and proto-Y chromosomes in the house fly, Musca domestica. We compared proto-sex chromosome sequence and gene expression between genotypic (XY) and sex-reversed (XX) males. We find evidence for sequence divergence between genes on the proto-X and proto-Y, including five genes with mitochondrial functions. There is also an excess of genes with divergent expression between the proto-X and proto-Y, but the number of genes is small. This suggests that individual proto-Y genes, but not the entire proto-Y chromosome, have diverged from the proto-X. We identified one gene, encoding an axonemal dynein assembly factor (which functions in sperm motility), that has higher expression in XY males than XX males because of a disproportionate contribution of the proto-Y allele to gene expression. The upregulation of the proto-Y allele may be favored in males because of this gene’s function in spermatogenesis. The evolutionary divergence between proto-X and proto-Y copies of this gene, as well as the mitochondrial genes, is consistent with selection in males affecting the evolution of individual genes during early Y chromosome evolution.
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조회 2669    주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
한빛사 온라인세미나
박종찬(서울대학교, University College London)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.07.14
박대훈(Yale School of Medicine)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.07.15
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.07.20
한재일(UT Southwestern Medical Center)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.07.23
허윤하(Cornell University)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.07.28
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.08.17
박용국(University of Massachusetts Amherst)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.08.18
손재학(Yale School of Public Health)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.08.25
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.08.26
이웅휘(서울대학교 의과대학)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.02
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.07
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.09
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.14
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.29
이대한(University of Lausanne)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.09.30
김지연(University of Illinois at Chicago)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.01
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.08
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.13
최동식(순천향대학교 의과대학)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.14
신지은(Columbia University)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.22
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.26
박준호(University of California, San Diego)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.10.27
손조은(The Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.11.04
진승우(서울대학교 뇌인지과학과)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.11.10
한남식(University of Cambridge)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.11.11
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.11.16
유승범(MIT, 성균관대학교, 기초과학연구원)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.11.24
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.01
박재호(Stanford University)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.08
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.14
공병수(서울대학교 의과대학 내분비내과)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.16
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.20
차용성(연세대학교 원주의과대학)
2021 BRIC 세미나 하반기 | 2021.12.21
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