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The presenting symptoms of cancer and stage at diagnosis
구민정 (University College London)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기  |  2020.04.20
Earlier diagnosis of cancer among symptomatic individuals is an important arm of cancer control, alongside cancer prevention (e.g. screening of asymptomatic individuals) and treatment. Early cancer diagnosis strategies in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and other countries include public health
campaigns (that raise the awareness of possible cancer symptoms) and fast-track clinical pathways (that expedite the clinical investigation of suspected cancer). Both of these interventions focus on specific symptoms, but could some of these symptoms be signs of advanced stage disease?
This talk will present our paper which was recently published in the Lancet Oncology including the motivations for our research question; the methods and data we examined; our findings, and some implications for clinical practice and early diagnosis research.
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한빛사 온라인세미나
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.01.06
유승범(University of Minnesota)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.01.29
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.02.06
유승범(University of Minnesota)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.02.12
권춘탁(Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.02.19
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.02.28
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.03.05
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.03.12
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.03.23
고진아(Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical school)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.04.14
구민정(University College London)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.04.20
고학석(기초과학연구원, 고려대학교)
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.05.18
2020 BRIC 세미나 상반기 | 2020.05.26
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