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윤석현 (Seok H Yun) 저자 이메일 보기
Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
조회 393  인쇄하기 주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
Wavelength-encoded laser particles for massively multiplexed cell tagging
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Large-scale single-cell analyses have become increasingly important given the role of cellular heterogeneity in complex biological systems. However, no techniques at present enable optical imaging of uniquely tagged individual cells. Fluorescence-based approaches can distinguish only a small number of distinct cells or cell groups at a time because of spectral crosstalk between conventional fluorophores. Here we investigate large-scale cell tracking using intracellular laser particles as imaging probes that emit coherent laser light with a characteristic wavelength. Made of silica-coated semiconductor microcavities, these laser particles have single-mode emission over a broad range from 1,170 nm to 1,580 nm with sub-nanometre linewidths, enabling massive spectral multiplexing. We explore the stability and biocompatibility of these probes in vitro and their utility for wavelength-multiplexed cell tagging and imaging. We demonstrate real-time tracking of thousands of individual cells in a three-dimensional tumour model over several days, showing different behavioural phenotypes.

- 형식: Research article
- 게재일: 2019년 07월 (BRIC 등록일 2019-07-24)
- 연구진: 국내+국외 연구진
RNA 기반의 합성생물학 유전자회로(synthetic gene circuits) 디자인[Nat. Chem. Biol.]
발표: 김종민 (POSTECH)
일자: 2020년 1월 6일 (월) 오후 02시 (한국시간)
언어: 영어
참석자 접수신청하기
수학울렁증에 대한 인지신경과학적 접근[Sci. Adv.]
발표: 최경환 (University of Chicago)
일자: 2019년 12월 19일 (목) 오후 02시 (한국시간)
언어: 한국어
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2019 미래인재 심포지엄
2019 미래인재 심포지엄
날짜: 2019.12.16
장소: 더케이호텔 서울3층 거문고홀 등
(다부처 공동기획)원스톱 CAR치료제 개발 지원 플랫폼 구축을 위한 공청회
[BRIC Webinar]수학울렁증에 대한 인지신경과학적 접근[Sci. Adv.]
[BRIC Webinar]수학울렁증에 대한 인지신경과학적 접근[Sci. Adv.]
사전접수: ~2019.12.18
날짜: 2019.12.19
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[무료/취업연계]바이오QC 실무과정 8기 모집
[무료/취업연계]바이오QC 실무과정 8기 모집
사전접수: ~2020.01.06
날짜: 2020.03.02~06.12
장소: 성남시 분당구 황새울로
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