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Joshua A. Jackman
Joshua A. Jackman (Joshua A. Jackman) 저자 이메일 보기
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Solvent-assisted preparation of supported lipid bilayers
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The supported lipid bilayer (SLB) platform is a popular cell membrane mimic that is utilized in the chemical, biological, materials science, and medical fields. To date, SLB preparation has proven challenging because of the need for specialized fabrication equipment, domain-specific knowledge about topics relevant to lipid self-assembly, and extensive training in the interfacial science field. Existing methods, such as vesicle fusion, also work with only a narrow range of lipid compositions and material supports. Here, we describe a recently developed simple and versatile protocol to form SLBs. The protocol is simple because it requires minimal sample preparation and only basic microfluidics, making it technically accessible to researchers across different scientific disciplines. The protocol is versatile because it works on a wide range of material supports, such as silicon oxide, gold, and graphene, and is compatible with diverse lipid compositions, including sterols and signaling lipids. The main stages of the procedure involve dissolving a lipid sample in an organic solvent, depositing the lipid solution on a solid support, and replacing the organic solvent with aqueous buffer. In addition, we provide procedures for characterizing the quality of the prepared SLBs and present examples of biofunctionalization procedures. The protocol takes 1–2 h and is broadly useful in various application contexts, including clinical diagnostics, biosensing, and cellular interfaces.

- 형식: Research article
- 게재일: 2019년 07월 (BRIC 등록일 2019-07-05)
- 연구진: 국내(교신)+국외 연구진태극기
- 분야: Nanobio, Biotechnology
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GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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프리미엄 Bio일정 Bio일정 프리미엄 안내
BRIC X ThermoFisher Scientific과 함께하는 사이언스 바캉스
BRIC X ThermoFisher Scientific과 함께하는 사이언스 바캉스
사전접수: ~2019.07.26
날짜: 2019.08.07~08
장소: 강남구 광평로 281, 수서오피스빌딩 11층 (수서역 3번 출구)
2019 부산대학교 의학전문대학원 의과학과 Open Lab
2019 부산대학교 의학전문대학원 의과학과 Open Lab
사전접수: ~2019.08.20
날짜: 2019.08.29
장소: 부산대학교 의학전문대학원(양산캠퍼스) 통합행정동 116호
[BRIC Webinar]Microbiome 분석의 정확도와 재현성 향상 방법-경신과학(Zymo Research)
[대졸자 대상]바이오QC 실무과정 7기 모집
[대졸자 대상]바이오QC 실무과정 7기 모집
날짜: 2019.09.02~06.12
장소: 성남시 분당구 황새울로 329번길 5
(고용부 재직자 무료과정)바이오/의약분야 계약 및 협상의 이해과정
(고용부 재직자 무료과정)바이오/의약분야 계약 및 협상의 이해과정
날짜: 2019.07.24~26
장소: 경기도 성남시 분당구 판교로289번길 20 스타트업캠퍼스 2층 세미나실
생물정보 빅데이터 분석 UCC 공모전
생물정보 빅데이터 분석 UCC 공모전
날짜: 2019.08.22
주관: K-Genome 유전체빅데..
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