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[엘바이오시스템] BCR-ABL Stable Cell Lines | Creative Biogene
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전화: 031-229-3350
메일: lbs_reagents(at).daum.net
팩스: 031-229-3351

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www.biocart.org Tel: 1-631-626-9181 (USA)
BCR-ABL, or BCR-ABL1, is a fusion gene formed by the combination of two genes, known as BCR and ABL. BCR-ABL fusion gene is found in certain types of leukemia, for example, in almost all patients bearing chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), in some patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and rarely in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia (AML).
Creative Biogene is a US-based biotechnology company. Our scientists own years of experience in working on stable cell line generation and drug discovery. We have developed BCR-ABL Stable Cell Line - BaF3 and BCR-ABL-T315I Stable Cell Line - BaF3 which are suitable for use in cell-based in vitro screening of drug candidates against CML. Our BaF3-BCR-ABL and BaF3-BCR-ABL-T315I stable cell lines are constructed by stable delivery of exogenous human BCR-ABL, BCR-ABL-T315I encoding sequences into BaF3 cell genomes that are mediated by retrovirus transduction respectively. These cells have been well validated through western blot and kinase inhibitor assays.
Compound / Cell Line IC50
Imatinib Dasatinib Ponatinib
BaF3-BCR-ABL 4.54 μM 11 nM 37 nM
BaF3-BCR-ABL-T315I >10 μM >10 μM 45 nM
  BaF3-BCR-ABL & BaF3-BCR-ABL-T315I Stable Cell Lines
- In Vitro Screening Tool for CML Drugs
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