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[코리아바이오텍] Beacon Designer & Primer Premier
제품(기술)분류: 소프트웨어 > DNA
전화: 042-482-1491~2, 482-8501~2
메일: kr_biotech(at).naver.com
팩스: 042-471-6334

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  카탈로그 NO :
  제품 생산일 : 2010.11
  원산지 : U.S.A
  생산기업 : Premierbiosoft
  특징 및 규격  

Beacon Designer 매우 구체적이고 효율적으로 프라이머 실시간으로 PCR assays에 대한 프로브 설계합니다. 
윈도우뿐만 아니라 Mac에서 작업 호환됩니다.
이 소프트웨어는 현재 효율적인 프라이머 프로브 디자인을 실시간 지원합니다.

1. SYBR Green
2. TaqMan
3. Molecular beacon
4. HRMA Primers
5. Scorpions
7. LNA (Locked nucleic acid)

Beacon Designer program has built in support for homology avoidance using the standard web BLAST service or the set-up of a desktop BLAST feature for identification of regions that are significantly cross homologous with the target gene sequence. The software designs real time pcr primers and probes for complex differential gene expression and allele discrimination assays. Avoidance of the cross homology renders specificity to the primers in question and they are highly targeted and only amplify the intend sequence and no other targets.

※ 관련제품


AlleleID® 7.70

A comprehensive desktop tool designed to address the challenges of pathogen detection or taxa/species discrimination using TaqMan®, microarray and molecular beacon assays.

시중가 : 829만원(부가세 별도),  아카데믹 : 589만원(부가세 별도)

Array Designer 4.25

A microarray software for fast, efficient design of specific oligos for making whole genome arrays, tiling arrays and resequencing arrays.
시중가 : 541만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 457만원(부가세 별도)

Beacon Designer™ 7.91
Design successful SYBR® Green, TaqMan®, HRMA Primers, MethyLight TaqMan®, LNA™ spiked TaqMan®, molecular beacons for both standard and NASBA® assays, Scorpions® and FRET assays by automatically interpreting BLAST results and avoiding template structures.
시중가 : 397만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 301만원(부가세 별도)

PrimerPlex 2.50
PrimerPlex designs oligos for standard multiplex PCR and suspension array based multiplex assays such as Direct Hybridization (DHA) and Allele Specific Primer Extension (ASPE) assays.
시중가 : 517만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 433만원(부가세 별도)

Primer Premier 6.00
A PCR Primer Design software to design high amplification efficiency primers by automatically avoiding homologies and template secondary structures.
시중가 : 145만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 121만원(부가세 별도)

SimGlycan® 2.92
SimGlycan® is an innovative MSn data analysis tool. SimGlycan® predicts the glycan structure, scores it and generates a list of probable glycans that closely match the given MS profile. Both glycopeptide and released glycan profiles are supported.
시중가 : 1,309만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 877만원(부가세 별도)

SimLipid 1.00
SimLipid is an innovative lipid characterization tool. SimLipid accepts experimental mass spectral data and enables lipid identification and profiling by searching precursors against the known lipid structures available in SimLipid database.
시중가 : 1,309만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 877만원(부가세 별도)

SimVector 4.60
DNA analysis & Plasmid map drawing software to draw vector quality plasmid maps and generate publication quality vector graphics, perform restriction enzyme analysis. Design cloning experiments for Gateway® cloning, TA cloning and restriction cloning.
시중가 : 109만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 73만원(부가세 별도)

TMA Foresight 3.01
TMA Foresight is a statistical tool for tissue microarray data analysis designed to explore the relatedness of prognostic marker expression and clinico-pathological variates with the outcome.
시중가 : 265만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 229만원(부가세 별도)

Xpression Primer 3.03
Design thousands of primers at a click of a button for high throughput expression cloning.
시중가 : 73만원(부가세 별도), 아카데믹 : 61만원(부가세 별도)

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 코리아비이오텍 ☎ 042) 482-1491~2, 482-8501~2
                       팩스 ☏ 042) 471-6334

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