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[에이비사이엑스코리아] MRM Assay for Peptide and Protein Quantitation
제품(기술)분류: 실험대행기술 > 프로테옴 분석
전화: 02-575-5660
메일: sanghwa.kim(at).absciex.com
팩스: 02-575-5664

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AB SCIEX Solutions

for Peptide and Protein Quantitation

ABOVE & BEYOND your expectations. Sensitive, accurate protein quantitation – done right the first time.

Targeted, hypothesis driven protein/peptide quantitation using MRM is a highly sensitive and specific workflow that allows you to detect and measure hundreds of proteins in a given experiment. The AB SCIEX Triple Quad 5500 and QTRAP 5500 LC/MS/MS Systems are the industry's premier systems for MRM based peptide and protein quantitation. With the highest MRM sensitivity and reproducibility, the 5500 systems are also designed to provide the highest throughput and reliability.

  • Fast and easy assays — no ELISA's or antibodies required
  • High reproducibility with %CV typically less than 5%
  • Measure hundreds of proteins in a single run, with multiple peptide measurements for each protein
  • Get highest sensitivity MRM detection, plus MS/MS ID confirmation and MRM optimization

    MRM Assay Development;

    Fast, robust, high sensitivity assay development without protein/peptide standards

    The AB SCIEX QTRAP 5500 System with new Linear Accelerator™ Trap technology delivers up to 100 x sensitivity in MS/MS and a new level of speed to develop quantitative MRM assays for lower level proteins and peptides that can barely be detected with conventional technology. Taking advantage of unique TripleTrap™ scanning that switches the QTRAP® system between triple quadrupole and linear accelerator trap mode in under 1 millisecond, the MIDAS™ Workflow* can develop peptide MRM assays quickly and cheaply, and MRMPilot™ Software automates the development of these optimized MRM assays. 

    *MIDAS™ Workflow (MRM Initiated Detection and Sequencing)
    • Quickly develop assays to many candidate markers directly from the discovery sample
    • Create specific assays for protein isoforms
    • Simultaneously re-confirm a biomarker's identity for ultimate confidence in the MRM assay
    MRM Assay;

    Highest precision at the lowest levels of quantitation

    The new AcQuRate™ pulse counting detector provides unparalleled precision and accuracy over a wide dynamic range generating results that you can count on. Advanced software tools enhance 5500 System performance by allowing you to run more MRM transitions in each experiment, and simplify processing and reporting. The Scheduled MRM™ algorithm in Analyst® 1.5 Software provides a unique, dynamic approach to multi-component analysis that automatically maximizes dwell time and cycle time for each MRM transition, providing highest reproducibility and sensitivity. Hundreds of components can be accurately measured in a typical HPLC run (traditional or high pressure) without the limitations of using time windows. 

    For ultimate reproducibility, mTRAQ™ Reagents can be used to create a Global Internal Standard. In a simple, single step, the mTRAQ Reagents create an internal standard for every peptide in your sample so you can accurately compare experiments day to day, or lab to lab. And, the mTRAQ Reagents are a highly cost effective alternative to using synthetic peptide standards for large numbers of proteins


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