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[에이비사이엑스코리아] iTRAQ® Reagents
제품(기술)분류: 시약 > Kit
전화: 02-575-5660
메일: sanghwa.kim(at).absciex.com
팩스: 02-575-5664

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iTRAQ® Reagents

The iTRAQ® Reagents are the first set of multiplexed, amine-specific, stable isotope reagents that can label all peptides in up to eight different biological samples enabling simultaneous identification and quantitation, both relative and absolute, while retaining important PTM information. There are two types of iTRAQ® Reagents, four plex and 8plex

itraq1.jpg (562×436)

itraq2.jpg (953×550)
Product Description

  • Simultaneously identify and quantify proteins from multiple samples.
  • Expands protein and proteome coverage by labeling all peptides, including those with post-translational modifications (PTMs).
  • Increases confidence in identification and quantitation from MS/MS spectra by tagging multiple peptides per protein.
  • Increases throughput and confidence in results for protein biomarker discovery studies.
  • Offers a simple workflow without sample fractionation for reduced-complexity samples, such as affinity pull-downs.
  • Provides the flexibility to multiplex up to eight different biological samples simultaneously in a single experiment.
  • Fully supported by ProteinPilot™ 2.0 software on all AB SCIEXproteomics LC/MS/MS platforms

    Solutions for Quantitative BiologyWhether you are performing relative or absolute quantitation, iTRAQ® Reagents – 8plex, MS instruments, and application software provides an integrated solution with the ease, the flexibility, and the confidence in protein quantitation and identification you need for quantitative biology. These reagents are ideal for many applications including pull-downs, membrane protein studies, discovery and validation analysis for biomarker elucidation, and absolute quantitation of target proteins of interest. The reagents are compatible with most mass spectrometers, but are optimized on AB SCIEX instruments
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