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[한국애질런트테크놀로지스] GeneSpring GX 소프트웨어
제품(기술)분류: 소프트웨어 > Genetics
전화: 02-2004-5646
메일: hye-kyoung_kim2(at).agilent.com

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  제품 생산일 : .
  원산지 : 미국
  생산기업 : 한국애질런트테크놀로지스
  특징 및 규격  
GeneSpring GX is a powerful visualization and analysis solution designed for use with expression data. Regarded as the gold standard in desktop expression analysis, GeneSpring GX allows researchers to identify targets quickly and reliably. By providing statistically meaningful results, GeneSpring GX enables prediction of clinical outcomes and characterization of novel expression patterns. GeneSpring GX is part of an integrated analysis suite that enables visual and analytical comparisons between expression, genotyping, protein, metabolite, and other data types to answer complex biological questions.

Version 7.3.1 now released

GeneSpring provides a host of advanced statistical tools including t-

tests, 2-way ANOVA tests, 1-way post-hoc tests, and class

prediction tools.

Uncover the most abundant patterns in your gene expression data

and understand how those patterns are related using methods

such as gene and experiment trees, SOMs, k-means and QT

clustering, and PCA

GeneSpring GXs k-nearest neighbors and Support Vector Machines

analysis tools use training set data to find clinically predictive

expression patterns and help you determine which genes are of

greatest predictive value

Quickly visualize your expression data using a wide range of

graphical displays such as 2D and 3D scatter plots, volcano plots,

box plots, 2D dendrograms, chromosome maps, and pathway


GeneSpring GX lets you drag n drop data from Agilent, Affymetrix,

GE Healthcare, and Illumina expression analysis systems, or choose

a simple wizard that can import all types of expression data

Programmers can make use of the documented API to extend

GeneSpring GXs functionality. The API enables incorporation of

third-party applications such as BioConductor, SAS, MATLAB? and R


Hypothesize, test, refine, and re-test. GeneSpring GX helps you find

the strongest correlations between experimental parameters and

gene expression profiles

GeneSpring GX offers data quality evaluation and provides reliable

estimates of expression measurement precision, even if replicate

sample data are limited

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