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[코스모진텍] Genscrip社의 cytokine 전문 브랜드 CelKine!
제품(기술)분류: Bio_Resource > DNA
전화: 02-465-6217
메일: support(at).cosmogenetech.com
팩스: 02-921-3084

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  생산기업 : Genscrip/Celkine
  특징 및 규격  

CelKine™ is a sub-brand of GenScript dedicated to cytokine business.

GenScript's Celkine brand will include a comprehensive spectrum of cytokine proteins, growth factors, chemokines, and other related proteins and antibodies.

Most cytokines under
CelKine™ brand are the premium products with the following features:

The manufacture process of all cytokine products is carried out according to GLP guidelines.
Endotoxin level of most of the proteins is lower than 0.2 EU/ug, much better than industry standard (1 EU/ug).
High purity and activity under professional support of experienced scientists.
Serious and advanced process control to make excellent lot-to-lot consistency.
High quality products at competitive prices.

Therefore, besides general use, they are particularly suitable for researches that require high quality cytokines such as primary cell culture or stem cell studies.

파일첨부 1 : celkine.pdf (379 KB)
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