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[부경S·M] [LGC Biosearch] On-demand access now available for pandemic reflection seminar series
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전화: 02-516-7331
메일: research(at).bookyungsm.co.kr
팩스: 02-516-5123

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Lessons learned to boost your capabilities in molecular diagnostics and RNA therapeutics for future resilience

As the world transitions to endemic state of COVID, we have gathered experts from academia and industry to reflect upon the lessons we have learned in molecular diagnostics as well as therapeutics and share how we can collaborate and contribute to shaping a better life science ecosystem in the region to be more prepared for next disease X.

If you have missed our recent live events or wish to review the content again, access the list of recordings below. Featured speakers from the seminar include leading scientists from Cargene Therapeutics, BioAcumen Global and subject domain experts from LGC Biosearch Technologies on oligonucleotide synthesis, RNA therapeutics and point of care molecular diagnostics development. 

RNA Therapeutics
Nucleic acid therapeutics toolbox for modifications and cell delivery (GalNAc case study with MiNA Therapeutics) by Valerie Boujon and Shireen Ahmed, LGC Biosearch Technologies
Click to watch 

Building an oligonucleotide drug discovery platform – a chemistry perspective by Sissi Lin, Cargene Therapeutics
Click to watch

Fundamentals of oligonucleotide synthesis chemistry
Expert insights in building your oligos in-house from scratch by Luc Marion, LGC Biosearch Technologies
Click to watch

Molecular Diagnostics
Technical tips and tricks in optimizing qPCR assays for point of care development by Eugene Chow, LGC Biosearch Technologies
Click to watch

Harnessing the power of lyophilization to build next generation point of care molecular diagnostic tests by Jimmy Toh, BioAcumen Global
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TEL : 02.516.7331  FAX : 02.516.5123  E-Mail : research@bookyungsm.co.kr

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인성크로마텍 [고해상도 다중 면역형광 이미징 시스템] ORION™ 한번의 면역염색 및 한번의 스캔으로 바이오마커 20개 동시 분석
필코리아테크놀로지 TissueGnostics 의 HistoQuest 는 Single cell 수준의 Image Cytometry 입니다.
필코리아테크놀로지 Spatial Transctiptome 분석 Tumor Microenvironment(TME) 연구의 새로운 방법!
프레스티지바이오로직스 항체의약품 전문 CDMO, EU-GMP, GDP 시설 내 셀라인·공정개발·임상배치·PPQ·스케일업·원료분석·임상포장 서비스 제공
마이크로젠타스 [ExoCAS-2™] 샘플에서부터 엑소좀 까지 고농도 고순도 고회수율로 추출해주는 Exosome Isolation Kit.
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