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[모아바이오] [Prospec] PMSG + Best products
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전화: 02-406-2942
메일: info(at).morebio.co.kr
팩스: 031-735-2944

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Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG)


  • Name: PMSG 


  • Cat-No: HOR-272


  • Source: Serum of pregnant mares.


  • Physical Appearance: Sterile Filtered White lyophilized (freeze-dried) powder.


  • Formulation: The PMSG was lyophilized with no additives.


  • Solubility: It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized PMSG in sterile 18M-cm H2O at a concentration of 1000 IU/ml, which can then be further diluted to other aqueous solutions.


  • Stability: Lyophilized PMSG although stable at room temperature for 3 weeks, should be stored between 2-8`C.


  • Safety Data Sheet: SDS


  • Introduction: PMSG Hormone is a well know used hormone together with progestogen to increase ovulation just before to artificial insemination. PMSG hormone is a placental glycoprotein produced from the serum of pregnant mares. PMSG comprises of an alfa subunit and a beta subunit. PMSG hormone is secreted from endometrial cups within the pregnant mare uterus aging from 40 to 130 days into their maturation, and once extracted, it can been used to promote artificially estrus in female animals. These assemblies produce PMSG hormone to induce mare's ovarian and repsouctive structures. PMSG can induce the growth of follicles by ovaries and results in ovulatation. PMSG hormone has an about a 4 day half-life of bioactivity in species other than horses. The extended biological activity can cause ovarian stimulation and ovulation. However, PMSG use alone often causes cystic ovarian disease because of the unrestrained ovarian stimulation and due to the sugar molecules which decrease clearance of the hormone. PMSG is more likely to be used than other pituitary hormones due to the extended circulatory half-life. PMSG solely exhibits luteinizing hormone like activity, however in other animal classes it has FSH & LH like activity.


  • Description: PMSG is a complex glycoprotein obtained from the serum of pregnant mares. This 43-63 kda protein is capable of supplementing and being substituted for the follicle stimulating and interstitial cell-stimulating hormone of the anterior pituitary gland in both the male and female. Thus PMSG-Intervet stimulates development of the ovarian follicle in the female.



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  • Cytokines 
Name Description Cat #
BDNF Human Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Human Recombinant


GM CSF Mouse Granulocyte Macrophage-Colony Stimulating Factor Mouse Recombinant


IL 4 Mouse Interleukin-4 Mouse Recombinant CYT-282
FGF4 Human Fibroblast Growth Factor-4 Human Recombinant CYT-312
EGF Mouse Protein Epidermal Growth Factor Mouse Recombinant CYT-326
IL 17 Mouse Interleukin-17 Mouse Recombinant CYT-378
INSR Human Insulin Receptor Human Recombinant CYT-777


  • Hormones
Name Description Cat #
hCG Protein Chorionic Gonadotropin Human HOR-250
PMSG Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin HOR-272


  • Natural Proteins
Name Description Cat #
SNCA Human Alpha Synuclein Human Recombinant PRO-393
BSA Bovine Serum Albumin PRO-422
Streptavidin Streptavidin Recombinant PRO-791


  • Enzymes
Name Description Cat #
Lysostaphin Lysostaphin Recombinant ENZ-269


  • Viral Antigens
Name Description Cat #
HBsAg ayw, 31kDa Hepatitis B Surface Antigen ayw Recombinant HBS-877
WNV Envelope West Nile Virus Envelope Recombinant WNV-001
HAV VP3 Hepatitis A Virus VP3 Recombinant HAV-226
HAV VP1-P2A (722-830 a.a.) Hepatitis A Virus VP1-P2A (722-830 a.a.) Recombinant HAV-228



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