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[바이오클론] Biolegend 한국대리점 APC/Fire™ 750 anti-mouse CD68 Antibody
제품(기술)분류: 시약 > Antibody
전화: 02-2690-0058
메일: bioclone(at).bioclone.co.kr
팩스: 02-2690-0397

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  카탈로그 NO :
  제품 생산일 : 2022.05
  원산지 : 미국
  생산기업 : Biolegend
  특징 및 규격  


Biolegend (www.biolegend.com)


한국대리점 바이오클론 (www.bioclone.co.kr)


Flow Cytometry Primary Antibodies

Flow cytometry is a core application for most immunologists, so using the best reagents produces the best results. BioLegend has proven our commitment to bringing the highest quality and support to flow cytometry reagents at the best value on the market. We provide an outstanding selection of flow cytometry buffers and fluorophore options for our antibodies, including high performance Brilliant Violet™ conjugates and our featured formats: Spark Dyes and Fire Dyes.


APC/Fire™ 750

Brightness: 2
Ex Laser: 633 nm or 640 nm
Ex Max: 650 nm
Em Max: 774 nm
Filter Used: 780/60
Molecular Weight: 110 kD
Recommended Application(s):
Flow Cytometry

Fluorophore At a Glance:

  • More temperature and photo-stable alternative for APC/Cyanine7.
  • Improved stability in fixative solutions.
  • Lower compensation requirements than APC/Cyanine7 without compromising brightness.
  • Minimal non-specific binding to monocytes.
  • Like PE/Cyanine7, it is a good fluor to use to detect markers of variable expression because its emission is red-shifted away from neighboring channels.
  • APC/Fire™ 750 may exhibit non-specific binding to monocytes and macrophages. Use our True-Stain Monocyte Blocker™ before staining to block this non-specific binding.


View all APC/Fire™ 750 Products.


APC/Fire™ 750 anti-mouse CD68 Antibody

Cat No. : 137041
Clone : FA-11 (See other available formats)
Other Names : Macrosialin
Reactivity : Mouse
Antibody Type : Monoclonal
Host Species : Rat
Application : ICFC - Quality tested


Thioglycollate-elicited BALB/c macrophages were fixed, permeabilized, then stained with anti-mouse F4/80 PerCP and anti-mouse CD68 (clone FA-11) APC/Fire™ 750 (left) or rat IgG2a APC/Fire™ 750 isotype control (right).


APC/Fire 750™ anti-mouse CD44 Antibody

Cat No. : 156003, 156004
Clone : NIM-R8 (See other available formats)
Other Names : Hermes, Pgp-1, H-CAM, HUTCH-1, ECMR III, gp85, Ly-24
Reactivity : Mouse
Antibody Type : Monoclonal
Host Species : Rat
Application : FC - Quality tested


C57BL/6 mouse splenocytes were stained with anti-mouse CD44 (clone NIM-R8) APC/Fire™ 750 (filled histogram) or rat IgG2a, κ isotype control (open histogram).


바이오클론(주) www.bioclone.co.kr

email : bioclone@bioclone.co.kr

TEL : 02-2690-0058

Flow Cytometry Antibodies is Biolegend !!

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