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[바이오스토리] Type I Collagen Solution, 6 mg/ml (Bovine)
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전화: 031)283-1800
메일: biostory(at).bio-story.com
팩스: 031)283-1801

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  카탈로그 NO : 5010
  제품 생산일 :
  원산지 : 미국
  생산기업 : advancedbiomatrix
  특징 및 규격  



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Type I Collagen Solution, 6 mg/ml (Bovine)

Catalog #5010

Nutragen® is a 6 mg/ml, type I bovine atelocollagen solution for 2D and 3D cell culture. Due to having a higher concentration, Nutragen® hydrogels will be stronger than other lower concentration collagen products.



Product Description


Nutragen® collagen is known as the standard of all collagens for purity (>99% collagen content), functionality, and the most native-like collagen available.  Nutragen®  is isolated from bovine hides sourced from the only controlled, closed herd in the United States. Advanced BioMatrix’s manufacturing processes comply with stringent quality standards that have proven to yield unsurpassed lot-to-lot consistency.

Nutragen® collagen is approximately 97% Type I collagen with the remainder being comprised of Type III collagen. Nutragen® collagen is supplied at approximately a 6 mg/mL concentration to provide an extremely firm gel.  The concentration for each specific lot is provided on a Certificate of Analysis that is available with the purchase of each product.  Nutragen® is soluble atelo-collagen in 0.01 N HCI, therefore, the pH is approximately 2.0.

Nutragen® collagen is ideal for coating of surfaces, providing preparation of thin layers for culturing cells, or use as a solid gel.  Nutragen®  collagen is provided in a 50 mL volume and is contained in user-friendly packaging for use and storage.  Nutragen®  is sterile filtered and is supplied as a ready to use solution.

Parameter, Testing, and Method Nutragen® Type I Collagen #5010
Sterilization Method Filtration
Extraction Method Enzyme - atelocollagen
Form Solution
Package Size 50 mL, 1000 mL
Storage Temperature 2-10°C
Shelf Life Minimum of 6 months from date of receipt

Collagen Concentration - Biuret

5.8-6.8 mg/mL

Collagen Purity - Silver Staining

pH 1.9-2.1
Kinetic Gel Test (Minutes) <40
Gel Formation Tube Test (Minutes) <40

Fibrillogenesis (Absorbance Units)


Electrophoretic Pattern - Coomassie Blue

Sterility - USP modified No growth
Endotoxin - LAL <1.0 EU/mL
Osmolality (mOsmo H2O/kg) <35
Cell Attachment Assay Pass
Source Bovine Hide
Hydrogel Young's Modulus E (Pa) Characteristic


References for Nutragen®:

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바이오스토리에서 "advancedbiomatrix" 직수입 합니다.



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