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[가온바이오] VentElite Ventilator for Small Rodents
제품(기술)분류: Bio_Resource > Lab_Animal
전화: 031-217-3939
메일: gaon(at).gaonbio.co.kr
팩스: 031-217-3977

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  카탈로그 NO : 55-7040
  제품 생산일 :
  원산지 : USA
  특징 및 규격  
• Graphical display of real-time pressure reading
• Easy to use color touch screen
• Pressure or Volume mode in a single ventilator
• Additional features including Sigh Breath, Inspiratory or Expiratory Hold, adjustable I:E, PEEP

The VentElite was designed for animal research applications and is intended for use on subjects ranging in size from mice to guinea pigs. The goal in designing this ventilator was to maintain versatility and ease of use while fostering safe and physiologically accurate mechanical ventilation conditions.

The VentElite utilizes advanced piston/cylinder and valve assemblies, combined with microprocessor controlled actuation mechanisms to precisely control respiration profiles. The VentElite has two operating modes, Volume Control and Pressure Control, and allows users to easily toggle between these two modes via the Settings button on the large touch screen. The Volume Control mode delivers the desired tidal volume to the subject by precisely controlling the stroke of the piston. The Pressure Control mode of the VentElite allows the user to set the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) value, and adjusts the tidal volume as necessary to maintain the set PIP.

Features of the VentElite include manual or programmable Sigh, Inspiratory or Expiratory Hold, adjustable I:E, built in PEEP, audible alarms, and a real-time graphical representation of the detected pressure.

Suggested Weight Range10 g to 1 kg
SpeciesMouse to Guinea Pig
Port Size: To Animal and Source3.6-3.8 mm (0.14-0.15 in)
Port Sizes: From Animal and Exhaust4.0 mm (0.16 in)
Control ModesVolume or Pressure
Tidal Volume Range50 µl to 5 ml
Tidal Volume Accuracy0.1 µl
Tidal Volume Resolution1 µl
Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP)0-50 cmHO
PIP Accuracy0.7 cmH2O
PIP Resolution1 cmH2O
Breath Rate10 to 300 bpm
I:E Ratio20-80%
Gas SupplyRoom air or nonflammable mixed gas
Sigh FrequencyEvery 10-999 breaths, or manual
Sigh Breath0-20% of Tidal Volume (in Volume Mode) or PIP (in Pressure Mode)
Safety AlarmsOver- and under pressure
Signal InputTTL, 0-5 VDC
Signal OutputTTL, 0-5VDC, 5mA
Remote CommunicationRS-485
Power Supply100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Input Power15 V DC, 25 W
Input Power Connector 2.5 mm ID x 5.0 mm OD plug
Dimensions (W x D x H)31.8 x 20.3 x 17.8 cm (12.5 x 8.0 x 7.0 in)
Weight3.4 kg (7.6 lbs)
파일첨부 1 : HA_VentElite.pdf (924 KB)
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