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Zygotic gene activation in the chicken occurs in two waves, the first involving only maternally derived genes
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The first wave of transcriptional activation occurs after fertilisation in a species-specific pattern. Despite its importance to initial embryonic development, the characteristics of transcription following fertilisation are poorly understood in Aves. Here, we report detailed insights into the onset of genome activation in chickens. We established that two waves of transcriptional activation occurred, one shortly after fertilisation and another at Eyal-Giladi and Kochav Stage V. We found 1544 single nucleotide polymorphisms across 424 transcripts derived from parents that were expressed in offspring during the early embryonic stages. Surprisingly, only the maternal genome was activated in the zygote, and the paternal genome remained silent until the second-wave, regardless of the presence of a paternal pronucleus or supernumerary sperm in the egg. The identified maternal genes involved in cleavage that were replaced by bi-allelic expression. The results demonstrate that only maternal alleles are activated in the chicken zygote upon fertilisation, which could be essential for early embryogenesis and evolutionary outcomes in birds.

- 형식: Research article
- 게재일: 2018년 10월 (BRIC 등록일 2018-11-29)
- 연구진: 국내(교신)+국외 연구진태극기
- 분야: Developmental_Biology, Genetics, Genomics
- 추천: Deivendran Rengaraj (서울대학교)
- 추천사유: This paper firstly demonstrated the avian-specific features of zygotic genome activation. Activating genes inside the zygote so that they can take control of development is known as zygotic genome activation. Despite the fact that birds are often used to study how embryos develop, zygotic genome activation in birds is not well understood. Fertilization in birds, including chickens, is different to mammals in that it requires multiple sperm to fertilize an egg cell. As such, zygotic genome activation in birds is likely to differ from that in mammals. In this paper, there are two stages of zygotic genome activation in chickens. The genes derived from the mother become active in the first stage, while genes from the father become active in the second stage. Genome activation in birds is therefore very different to the same process in mammals, which involves genome activation of both parents from the first stage. This extra level of control may help to prevent genetic complications resulting from the presence of multiple sperm, each of which carries a different set of genes from the father.
H3K27M을 지닌 소아뇌종양에서 신진대사와 후성유전학의 관계 [Cancer Cell]
발표: 정찬 (University of Michigan)
일자: 2021년 2월 4일 (목) 오전 11시 (한국시간)
언어: 한국어
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약물유전단백체학을 활용한 교모세포종 (Glioblastoma) 연구 [Nat. Commun.]
발표: 오세진 (연세대학교 의과대학)
일자: 2021년 2월 16일 (화) 오후 02시 (한국시간)
언어: 한국어
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스무색 만으로 완성하지 못하는 단백질 디자인 [Nat. Commun.]
발표: 이준구 (Northwestern University)
일자: 2021년 2월 17일 (수) 오전 10시 (한국시간)
언어: 한국어
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