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Exposure to Sound Vibrations Lead to Transcriptomic, Proteomic and Hormonal Changes in Arabidopsis

Ritesh Ghosh1, Ratnesh Chandra Mishra1, Bosung Choi1, Young Sang Kwon2, Dong Won Bae3, Soo-Chul Park4, Mi-Jeong Jeong4 & Hanhong Bae1

1Department of Biotechnology, Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan 38541, Republic of Korea. 2Environmental Biology and Chemistry Center, Korea Institute of Toxicology, Jinju 52834, Republic of Korea. 3Central Instrument Facility, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju 52828, Republic of Korea. 4National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Rural Development Administration, Wanju 55365, Republic of Korea.

Correspondence to Mi-Jeong Jeong or Hanhong Bae.

Sound vibration (SV) is considered as an external mechanical force that modulates plant growth and development like other mechanical stimuli (e.g., wind, rain, touch and vibration). A number of previous and recent studies reported developmental responses in plants tailored against SV of varied frequencies. This strongly suggests the existence of sophisticated molecular mechanisms for SV perception and signal transduction. Despite this there exists a huge gap in our understanding regarding the SV-mediated molecular alterations, which is a prerequisite to gain insight into SV-mediated plant development. Herein, we investigated the global gene expression changes in Arabidopsis thaliana upon treatment with five different single frequencies of SV at constant amplitude for 1-h. As a next step, we also studied the SV-mediated proteomic changes in Arabidopsis. Data suggested that like other stimuli, SV also activated signature cellular events, for example, scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS), alteration of primary metabolism, and hormonal signaling. Phytohormonal analysis indicated that SV-mediated responses were, in part, modulated by specific alterations in phytohormone levels; especially salicylic acid (SA). Notably, several touch regulated genes were also up-regulated by SV treatment suggesting a possible molecular crosstalk among the two mechanical stimuli, sound and touch. Overall, these results provide a molecular basis to SV triggered global transcriptomic, proteomic and hormonal changes in plant.

논문정보 F1000선정
- 형식: Research article
- 게재일: 2016년 09월 (BRIC 등록일 2016-10-18)
- 연구진: 국내연구진태극기
- 분야: Agriculture, Plant Science
- 추천: Faculty of 1000 Biology
- 추천사유: F1000Prime Recommendations, Dissents and Comments for [Ghosh R et al., Sci Rep 2016, 6:33370]. In F1000Prime, 17 Oct 2016; F1000Prime.com/726778126
발달장애, 지적장애 Armfield syndrome의 원인유전자 FAM50A 발견[Nat. Commun.]
발표: 김철희 (충남대학교)
일자: 2020년 8월 19일 (수) 오후 04시 (한국시간)
언어: 한국어
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다중오믹스 분석을 통한 식물 할로게나제 발견[Nat. Commun.]
발표: 김영훈 (Massachusetts Institute...)
일자: 2020년 8월 27일 (목) 오전 10시 (한국시간)
언어: 영어
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[무료/취업연계]바이오QC 실무과정 9기 모집(분자진단,세포배양,HPLC)
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날짜: 2020.09.01~06.18
장소: 성남시 분당구 황새울로 329번길 5
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