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Purdue University
조회 2627  인쇄하기 주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
Environment-sensitive hydrogels for drug delivery

Yong Qiu, Kinam Park*

Departments of Pharmaceutics and Biomedical Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN 47907-1336, USA

Environmentally sensitive hydrogels have enormous potential in various applications. Some environmental variables, such as low pH and elevated temperatures, are found in the body. For this reason, either pH-sensitive and/or temperature-sensitive hydrogels can be used for site-specific controlled drug delivery. Hydrogels that are responsive to specific molecules, such as glucose or antigens, can be used as biosensors as well as drug delivery systems. Light-sensitive, pressure-responsive and electro-sensitive hydrogels also have the potential to be used in drug delivery and bioseparation. While the concepts of these environment-sensitive hydrogels are sound, the practical applications require significant improvements in the hydrogel properties. The most significant weakness of all these external stimuli-sensitive hydrogels is that their response time is too slow. Thus, fast-acting hydrogels are necessary, and the easiest way of achieving that goal is to make thinner and smaller hydrogels. This usually makes the hydrogel systems too fragile and they do not have mechanical strength necessary in many applications. Environmentally sensitive hydrogels for drug delivery applications also require biocompatibility. Synthesis of new polymers and crosslinkers with more biocompatibility and better biodegradability would be essential for successful applications. Development of environmentally sensitive hydrogels with such properties is a formidable challenge. If the achievements of the past can be extrapolated into the future, however, it is highly likely that responsive hydrogels with a wide array of desirable properties can be made.

IPN, interpenetrating polymer network; LCST, lower critical solution temperature; PAAm, poly(acrylamide); BMA, butyl methacrylate; PNIAAm, poly(N-isopropylacrylamide); PDEAAm, poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide); PEG, poly(ethylene glycol); PEO, poly-(ethylene oxide); PPO, poly(propylene oxide); PAA, poly(acrylic acid); PMA, poly(methacrylic acid); PLA, poly(L-lactic acid); PDEAEM, poly(N,N9-diethylaminoethyl methacrylate); DMAEM, N,N9-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate; PVD, poly(vinylacetaldiethylaminoacetate); PVA, poly(vinylalcohol); Con A, concanavalin A

Environment-sensitive hydrogels; Drug delivery; Stimuli-sensitive hydrogels; Smart hydrogels

☆PII of original article: S0169-409X(01)00203-4. The article was originally published in Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews 53 (2001) 321-339.

*Corresponding author : Kinam Park

- 형식: Review Paper
- 게재일: 2012년 09월 (BRIC 등록일 2015-09-30)
- 연구진: 국외연구진
- 분야: Pharmacology
- 피인용횟수: 최근 3년간 60회 이상 인용된 논문
세포 형광 이미징 멀티플렉싱을 위한 초고속 사이클링[Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit.]
발표: 고진아 (Massachusetts General Ho...)
일자: 2020년 4월 14일 (화) 오전 10시 (한국시간)
언어: 영어
참석자 접수신청하기
The presenting symptoms of cancer and stage at diagnosis[Lancet Oncol.]
발표: 구민정 (University College Londo...)
일자: 2020년 4월 20일 (월) 오후 04시 (한국시간)
언어: 영어
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[BRIC Webinar]The presenting symptoms of cancer and stage at diagnosis[Lancet Oncol.]
[BRIC Webinar]The presenting symptoms of cancer and stage at diagnosis[Lancet Oncol.]
사전접수: ~2020.04.20
날짜: 2020.04.20
Online 개최
[BRIC Webinar]세포 형광 이미징 멀티플렉싱을 위한 초고속 사이클링[Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit.]
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[재직자무료교육] 분석기기(HPLC) 활용 품질검사 실습(4.9~4.10) / 화장품 제형제조 기술 실습(4.13~4.14)
날짜: 2020.04.09~14
장소: 충청북도 청주시 흥덕구 오송읍 오송생명1로 194-41 충북산학융합본부 기업연구1관 교육장
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