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박성일(Sung Il Park) 저자 이메일 보기
Texas A&M University
조회 1028  인쇄하기 주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 

현재의 근황은 어떠십니까?

I am struggling to make progress on research and get fundings from government agencies and foundations. Fortunately, I was recently awarded the 2018 NARSAD Young Investigator Award for my work to treat obesity using a novel approach.

현 소속기관과 연구실/부서는 어떤 곳인가요?

I am an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Texas A&M University and a member of Institute for Neuroscience.

진행중인 연구분야 혹은 맡고 있는 업무 내용에 대해서 설명을 해 주신다면?

We, Soft Wireless Bioelectronics, are working at the interface between Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience and dealing with a variety of issues from materials to integrated systems that can control neural interfaces and integrate wireless data transmission, power management, and signal processsing. Our lab is pursuing three lines of research including obesity, chronic pain, and social behavior through close collaborations with many neuroscientists. Obesity work aims to identify a viscerosensory pathway that could regulate food intake to treat obesity. Meal cessation is initiated by satiety information from the stomach in response to feed intake and/or release of neuropeptides such as CCK and GLP1 to the NTS in the hindbrain. The vagus nerve is a logical place to intervene obesity because it relays satiety information from the gut to the brain. However, it is unknown when and/or how the vagus relays satiety signals from the gut to the brain. Our tool, a soft fully implantable wireless recording/stimulation device can record neural activity from nodose ganglions in awake animals and such experiments will provide penetrating insights into the understanding of satiety control and thereby the platform for the development of better therapeutics for the treatment of obesity. It offers a potential for significant human rewards. In the pursuit of this vision, we have teamed up with a renowned neuroscientist and a pioneer in the mouse transgenic, Prof. Richard Palmiter from University of Washington. We begin to gather data from the work and plan to submit research findings to Nature this year.

과학기술인으로서 느낀 보람이 있으시다면?

I derive the greatest satisfaction from my work if I can see how it makes
an impact in the short term or I can see the path to making an impact
in the long term. I was the first to demonstrate a fully implantable wireless optogenetics for the study of pain in nervous systems. There is beginning to be a trend of running experiments with wireless optoelectronic systems in neuroscience communities, and it is gratifying to see that the platform is widely used.

관련분야로 진출하려는 학생들/후배들에게 전하고 싶은 점은 무엇인가요?

Although neuroscientists have made astonishing accomplishments over several decades, we are still scratching the surface. That's because we haven't been able to monitor or modulate neural activity with exceptional resolution. This can be translated to enormous opportunities. Unless we take a look, we will not be going to find something. If you think you are ready, dive into it!

앞으로의 계획과 바람은 무엇입니까?

The immediate goals for the next five years are to provide a solid foundation for understanding of satiety control from the gut to the NTS in the hindbrain and develop a fully implantable wireless optical recording/stimulation system that can detect neural activity from brain circuits in fully behaving animals with exceptional resolution. Such tools will allow experiments that examine the mechanisms that lead to mental illnesses and facilitate progress on brain research. I cannot contain my excitement!

이외 기타 전하고 싶은 내용이 있으시다면 자유롭게 작성 부탁 드립니다.

Thanks for giving me an opportunity to present our works to BRIC.

관련사이트 (연구실/부서/개인 홈페이지 등) 

You can visit our website for more information to bioelectronics.tamu.edu.

등록일 2019-02-21
랩/개인 홈페이지
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