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[가온바이오] 소동물용 흡입마취기 Tabletop Anesthesia System
마감일 : 2019.08.06
파일첨부 1: 흡입마취기카다로그업로드.pdf (909 KB)

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1. Designed for safe, simple amd controllable inhalation anesthesia for mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, small rodents weighing less than 5lb(2.27kg)

2. Non-rebreathing anesthetic delivery system.

3. Oxygen or air could be chosen as the gas supply.

4. Isoflurane vaporizer and pour-fill or key-fill style available.

5. The original vaporizer from U.K ensures the precise output with error about ±0.15%, precise and adjustable concentration within 0-5% output, and at least 120ml liquid capacity.

6. Both laser refractometer and the specified anesthetic agents are used to calibrate the output of vaporizers from 0.25-5%.

7. The built-in compensator ensures the stable concentration of anesthetic gas at different gas at different temperatures and flow rates raging from 0.2-15L/min.

8. Gas flow rate reading from 0-4LPM, which is applicable to at most 6 animals surgery at the same time.

9. The push button O2 Quick Flush purges induction chamber at the rate of at least 10,000cc/min before removing animals, or rescuing animals during your experiment.

10. The Toggle Switch allows convenient and fast switch of gas flow between induction chamber and anesthesia maks(breathers).

11. Accepts to add more flowmeters to fits for more animals or different applications.

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