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Webinar: oCelloScope™ Live-Cell Imaging for AMR research
개최일   2020.03.26
장소   Online 개최
주최/주관   BioSense Solutions ApS
URL   https://biosensesolutions.dk/webinar/
형태   세미나
모집인원   제한없음
참가비   무료
문의    010-7290-1487 / biotools(at).icloud.com
첨부파일 1   BIOSENSE GENERAL BROCHURE A4-min.pdf (1.55 MB)
분야   Pharmacology, Microbiology, Cell_Biology

Webinar: oCelloScope™ Live-Cell Imaging for AMR research

BioSense Solutions is inviting researchers within AMR to join our webinar on microbial live-cell Imaging for MIC testing (RUO). 

The world is challenged to find new alternative solutions to conventional antibiotics. What we hope you will get out of this webinar is inspiration and new ideas on how to address the AMR challenge moving forward.

The oCelloScope™ is an optical high throughput system for microbial screening. We achieve fast microbial growth kinetics and early phase morphology response in one. This is achieved by combining optics with computer algorithms dedicated to microbial research.

• oCelloScope™ Technology
• UniExplorer Software
• Fast MIC testing (RUO) using the oCelloScope™

Language: English.

We have arranged 3 identical webinars to fit 3 time zones – Europe, USA and ASIA and please register below.

Register here: 

Korea : March 26, 4 pm KST

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