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2019 Bio Top5 인터뷰
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[BMG-자연과학(주)]웨비나-Kinetics in drug discovery: From assay plate to patient
개최일   2019.11.20
장소   Online 개최
URL   https://view6.workcast.net/register?cpak=1118785453812193&referrer=bmg
형태   세미나
모집인원   제한없음
참가비   무료
문의    02-3471-4100 / info(at).chayon.co.kr
분야   생물학관련 모든 분야

MicroplateReader회사 BMG에서

Kinetics in drug discovery 

웨비나를 진행합니다.


 한국시간 : 11월 20일 오전12시


The screening assays employed in drug discovery are abstractions of biological systems, and by their nature are often poorly predictive of efficacy and potency in patients. This is caused, in part, by the use of equilibrium systems to predict patient responses; despite humans being notoriously non-equilibrium in nature. This talk will describe the use and analysis of kinetic methods across the drug discovery journey and their impact for understanding the pharmacology of medicines.

BMG LABTECH will also introduce the key features of the PHERAstar FSX that support binding kinetic assays and key factors for assay optimization to ensure screening success.



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