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Annual AKN meeting at SFN2019 Chicago
개최일   2019.10.21
장소   Chicago (미국)
주최/주관   AKN (Association of Korean Neuroscientist)
URL   https://akneuro.org/cms/
형태   학술대회
모집인원   제한없음
참가비   무료
문의    jaerock.kwon(at).gmail.com
첨부파일 1   AKN Chicago 2019 1st annoucement.pdf (414 KB)
분야   Neuroscience

September 6, 2019

1st Announce me nt for AKN Annual Meeting, 2019

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the AKN (Association of Korean Neuroscientists in America  http:/www.akneuro.org), we announce the 2019 AKN meeting and AKN Research Awards. This meeting will be co-hosted by KSBNS, IBS and KBRI.

Please help us disseminate this information  by sharing with the colleagues in your institution  or elsewhere.

We would greatly apprciate your help.


AKN Meeting:


Location: The Congress Plaza Hotel (https://www.congressplazahotel.com/) 520 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60605

(just next to the Millennium  Park, accessible from/to Metro lines)

Date:        October 21, 2019 (Monday)

Time:        6:30-9:30 PM (seated dinne r include d)


Pre -registration will be required and accepted until the limited  seats are filled. The details of the pre-registration, meeting’s format and seat arrangement will be provided in the 2nd announcement in early October. 

AKN Outstanding Research Awards:

We will present AKN Outstanding Research Awards in four different categories:

Postdoctoral abroad, Postdoctoral in Korea, Pre-doctoral abroad, and Pre-doctoral in Korea. The number of awards may vary, depending on the number of qualified applicants and the availability  of funding. Each award recipient will receive a $400 prize along with an award certificate.

Award recipients will be selected according to 1) the quality  of their abstract and 2) their research accomplishments during the current career status. An award recipient must be physically present at the award ceremony (if not, the awardee will be disqualified).

There is a special category for the Junior Faculty Award. One or two winners will be selected from junior members (2-5 ye ars of faculty appointment) at the rank of Assistant Professor or an equivalent level at an academic institution in North America. We will give special emphasis on the applicant’s academic and scientific accomplishments as an independent principle investigator (i. e., senior-author publication, R01, seminars etc.).

 The winner will be invited  to present their work orally at the meeting and given a $1,000 prize.  A full CV should be sent to Dr. Jungsu Kim (jk123@iu.edu). Deadline – September 30, 2019 (Monday)

What to send:

  • a full CV (including  complete publication  record) for all applicants
  • a copy of the SfN abstract for poster/oral presentation and related information (presentation time & poster board number) for student and postdoctoral applicants - not necessary for Junior Faculty Award applicants)


The format of the application  material one PDF file.

Disqualifications  1) previous winners of the same category awards; 2) applicants who are over-qualified  (over 5 years in the current position, appointment to a higher position than the category applied for, etc.); and 3) non-presenting author of the abstract (for students/postdoctoral applicants).

Application should be sent as e-mail attachments to:

KSBNS (neuro@ksbns.org), if you are from an institute located in Korea.

Dr. Jungsu Kim (jk123@iu.edu), if you are from an institute located outside Korea including  the US.

AKN Website: Please visit our website at http:/www.akneuro.org for further information  and updated announcements.

We also enclosed ads and available positions  from the sponsors and AKN faculty members for your perusal.

Lastly, we really appreciate generous support for the 2019 AKN meeting kindly provided by all the sponsors listed below.

  We hope to see you all in October. Best wishes,



Young-Jin Son, Ph.D.

AKN Co-President (2019-2020)  Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology Shriners Research Center for Neural Repair Lewis Katz School of Medicine

Temple University Philadelphia, USA


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