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BRIC홈 농수식품
웹진 Vol.22, No.8 (2020년 8월) 발간
스폰서배너광고 안내  배너1 배너2 배너3 배너4
과학으로 본 코로나19 (COVID-19)
전체보기 농림성과 수산성과 식품성과
Quantitative risk assessment of the African swine fever introduction into the Republic of Korea via legal import of live pigs and pig products
농림 Transbound. Emerg. Dis.  |  2020.07.28
Spatiotemporal variability in microphytobenthic primary production across bare intertidal flat, saltmarsh, and mangrove forest of Asia and Australia
수산 Mar. Pollut. Bull.  |  2020.06.16
Occurrence and bioaccumulation of persistent toxic substances in sediments and biota from intertidal zone of Abu Ali Island, Arabian Gulf
수산 Mar. Pollut. Bull.  |  2020.04.08
Long-term trends of persistent toxic substances and potential toxicities in sediments along the west coast of South Korea
수산 Mar. Pollut. Bull.  |  2020.04.01
Engineering of Klebsiella oxytoca for production of 2,3‐butanediol using mixed sugars derived from lignocellulosic hydrolysates
농림 GCB Bioenergy  |  2020.03.27
Carbon and nitrogen stable isotope signatures linked to anthropogenic toxic substances pollution in a highly industrialized area of South Korea
수산 Mar. Pollut. Bull.  |  2020.03.25
Domestication of Oryza species eco-evolutionarily shapes bacterial and fungal communities in rice seed
농림 Microbiome  |  2020.02.27
Vaccination of fish against Aeromonas hydrophila infections using the novel approach of transcutaneous immunization with dissolving microneedle patches in aquaculture
수산 Fish Shellfish Immunol.  |  2020.01.30
Structural and physicochemical properties of native starches and non-digestible starch residues from Korean rice cultivars with different amylose contents
식품 Food Hydrocolloids  |  2020.01.17
Physicochemical and sensory properties of milk supplemented with lactase microcapsules coated with enteric coating materials
농림 J. Dairy Sci.  |  2020.01.13
Enhanced bath immersion vaccination through microbubble treatment in the cyprinid loach
수산 Fish Shellfish Immunol.  |  2019.07.11
Mass mortality in Korean bay scallop (Argopecten irradians) associated with Ostreid Herpesvirus‐1 μVar
수산 Transbound. Emerg. Dis.  |  2019.05.07
Crab-on-a-Tree: All Biorenewable, Optical and Radio Frequency Transparent Barrier Nanocoating for Food Packaging
식품 ACS Nano  |  2019.03.29
Chimeric vaccine strain of type O foot-and-mouth disease elicits a strong immune response in pigs against ME-SA and SEA topotypes
농림 Vet. Microbiol.  |  2019.01.11
Eucalyptol Inhibits Advanced Glycation End Products‐Induced Disruption of Podocyte Slit Junctions by Suppressing Rage‐Erk‐C‐Myc Signaling Pathway
식품 Mol. Nutr. Food Res.  |  2018.12.04
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