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2018 IUBMB SEOUL - 24th IUBMB Congress and 15th FAOBMB Congress
2018 IUBMB SEOUL - 24th IUBMB Congress and 15th FAOBMB Congress
날짜: 2018.06.04-08
장소: COEX Grand Ballroom
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Special VOD
Feng Shao(National Institute of Biological Sciences)
V. Narry Kim(Seoul National University)
Job Dekker(University of Massachusetts Medical School)
Aaron Ciechanover(John Hardy)
Vilhelm A. Bohr(National Institutes of Health)
SY01-3 Synaptic Protein Functions and Dysfunctions
김은준(IBS / KAIST)
SY01-4 Tumor Microenvironment
Masayuki Yamamoto(Tohoku University)
SY02-1 Genomics
Ju-Seog Lee(UT MD Anderson Cancer Center)
Yiming Bao (Beijing Institute of Genomics)
SY02-2 Metabolic Regulation
David Carling(LMS)
Tetsuji Miura(Sapporo Medical University)
SY02-4 Proteomics for Integrative Biomedical Sciences
Naoyuki Taniguchi(Osaka University)
SY03-1 Immune Activation and Regulation
Mirim Jin(Gachon University)
SY03-2 Host-Microbe Interactions
Petros Ligoxygakis(Oxford University)
Sang Sun Yoon(Yonsei University)
SY03-3 Emergent Technologies for Bio-Hazard Detection
Shigeori Takenaka(RCBT / Kyushu Institute of Technology)
SY03-4 Autophagy & Protein Turnover
Myung-Shik Lee(Yonsei University)
SY04-3 Brain Research
Kaoru Inokuchi(University of Toyama)
Seung-Hee Lee(KAIST)
Kazutaka Ikeda(Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science )
SY04-5 Hypoxia
Hyunsung Park (University of Seoul)
Gang Wang(Chinese Academy of Sciences)
SY05-1 Metabolic Homeostasis and Regulation
Sungsoon Fang(Yonsei University)
Yau-Huei Wei(Changhua Christian Hospital)
Lynn-Jee Kim(UNSW)
SY05-2 New Paradigms in Host-Pathogen Interactions
Jae Ung Jung(University of Southern California)
SY05-3 Autism: from Gene to Clinical Research
Zilong Qiu(Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Science)
SY05-5 Intrinsically Disordered Proteins and Diseases
Daniel Fortunati(Trinity College Dublin)
SY06-1 Challenges and Opportunities in Translation of Academic Research
Andrew Marshall(Nature Biotechnology )
SY06-4 Cancer Metabolism
Chi Van Dang(University of Pennsylvania)
Jung-Whan Kim(The University of Texas Dallas)
SY07-2 Immunological Disorders
Ethan Shevach(NIH)
SY07-3 Precision Medicine
Yeul Hong Kim(Korea University)
Woong-Yang Park(Samsung Genome Institute)
SY07-4 Translational Research of Sensory Loss from Human to Mouse (supported by IMPC)
Steve Brown(MRC Harwell Institute)
Heon Yung Gee(Yonsei University College of Medicine)
SY07-5 Cancer Signaling and Molecular Target Therapy
Young Il Yeom (KRIBB)
SY08-2 The Protein Secretory Pathway
SY08-5 Autophagy
Noboru Mizushima(University of Tokyo)
SY09-2 Systems and in Silico Biology
Traver Hart(University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center)
Doheon Lee(KAIST)
SY10-2 Biomedical Applications of Big Data
Roel Verhaak(Jackson Lab for Genomic Medicine)
SY10-5 East Asian Joint Symposium on Glycoscience Session2
Shih-Hsiung Wu(Academia Sinica)
SY11-2 Diabetes & Obesity
Evan Rosen(Harvard Medical School)
SY11-3 Gene & Cell Therapy
Pembe Hande Ozdinler(Northwestern University)
SY11-4 Genomic Integrity
Orlando D. Schärer(IBS / UNIST)
SY11-5 East Asian Joint Symposium on Glycoscience Session3
Shoko Nishihara(Soka University)
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