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FAQ / 공지사항
Biological Research Information Center
관리자 (2009-03-24 18:24) 조회13609  인쇄 

Biological Research Information Center


The Biological Research Information Center (hereafter BRIC) is engaged in an effort to comprehensively and systematically gather, process, and organize bio-related information from Korea and abroad, put it into database form, and provide this data to researchers by creating a place for the exchange of information on the Internet. These efforts are aimed at increasing the competitiveness of domestic researchers in Korea.

By utilizing research resources produced in-house and creating an infrastructure of domestic information, BRIC is striving to be the repository of comprehensive research information.


BRIC’s strategy for achieving a specialized position in the field of bio-information includes facilitating the exchange of information among its user group and playing a role in disseminating a culture of proper research ethics.

BRIC focuses on developing high-value service by securing stable and constant information providers through information exchange, and by processing and consolidating this information.

This integrated information system will also contribute to Korea’s strategic goal of informatization and globalization by promoting maximal utilization by biology researchers and providing an expanded space in which the users can become active participants in research.

In additional, it will provide a base for the realization of surveys and virtual education, and will afford a variety of specialized services through cooperation with domestic and foreign information providers.


Strengthening Korea’s competitiveness in the bio field and enhancing Korea’s international status.

 - establishing an information infrastructure composed of bio resources and research results of researchers in Korea
 - enhancing the research capability of Korean researchers through rapid provision of information over the Internet
 - reproducing valuable information through primary processing and analysis of information
 - stimulating and supporting the biotechnology industry

Fulfilling a key national initiative by establishing bio infrastructure (creating and operating bio portal site)

 - delivering authoritative information and indicating directions for improvement through the integration and processing of information
 - providing all the necessary information and services for every phase of research, from the early stages to results analysis, through a constant DB supply and development of an efficient analysis program
 - providing a window for domestic and foreign researchers to exchange information
 - preventing unethical research activity by working to establish an ethical research culture

Creating network of scientists and improving morale of scientists

 - contributing to improvement of scientists’ morale and motivation by providing information on leading research achievements and experience by Korean biologists
 - inspiring a well-meaning competitive spirit among scientists, by effectively presenting quality research activities by fellow scientists


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