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기관명 Emory University
홈페이지 http://hemonc.emory.edu/
채용정보 웹페이지
소속책임자 강수민
주소 국외
기관분류 대학(의과대학제외)
기관소개 Emory University is a private university located in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Emory University has been cited as one of the world's top research universities. In 2019, Emory has ranked 20th among 968 institutions nationally in US (Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education Poll). Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology is affiliated with Winship Cancer Institute (WCI). WCI, as Georgia’s first and only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, is a national leader in seeking out new ways to defeat cancer and in translating that knowledge into patient care in US. More than 1000 basic/clinical Winship researchers are dedicated to taking new cancer treatments from bench to bedside.
인사담당자 정보
담당자이름 Jing Chen
연락처 E-mail: jchen(at).emory.edu ,  전화: 1-404-778-5274 ,   팩스: 1-404-778-5520
모집분야 Cancer Biology/Oncology,  Cell_Biology,  Molecular_Biology

TWO POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW POSITIONS IN CANCER RESEARCH are available immediately for highly motivated young scientists to investigate the role of signaling basis and therapy development in human tumorigenesis and cancer cell metabolism. We aim to elucidate the mechanistic basis of diet-fueled "metabolic rewiring" that is specifically required by oncogenic mutations for tumor growth, and the underlying mechanisms by which diet-derived nutrients and metabolic abnormalities associated with metabolic disorders/diseases influence cancer initiation, progression, and responses to therapies. These studies will provide mechanistic insights that inform not only reliable diet advice for lower cancer risk, but also development of novel anti-metabolism targeted therapies for cancer treatment.  For related works of our lab, please see:


Cancer Cell 2007, 12(3):201-14; Science Signaling 2009, 2(97) ra73; Molecular Cell 2011, 44(6):864-77; Cancer Cell 2012, 22(5): 585-600; Molecular Cell 2014, 53(4):534-548;

Molecular Cell 2014, 55(4):552-65; Molecular Cell 2015, 59:345–358; Nature Cell Biology 2015, 17(11):1484-9; Molecular Cell 2016, 64(5):859-874; Cell Metabolism 2017, 25(2):358-373; Molecular Cell 2018, 69(6):923-937.


Successful candidate must hold a doctoral-level degree with solid background of biochemistry, genetics and molecular and cellular biology. Experience with animal models of human diseases such as conditional knock out/in tumor models is desirable. Applicants should send a CV and the names and contact information of three references to:


Jing Chen, Ph.D.

Professor and Director, Division of Basic and Translational Sciences

Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology 

R. Randall Rollins Chair in Oncology

Emory University School of Medicine 

Co-Leader, Cancer Cell Biology Program

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University 

1365-C Clifton Rd. NE, C-3002

Atlanta, GA 30322


E-mail: jchen@emory.edu

채용방식  계약직 채용형태  PostDoc
최종학력  박사 근무지  미국
급여조건  연봉 5000만원 이상 ~ 5500만원 미만 채용인원  2 명
복리후생  국민4대보험
전형방법 서류전형, 면접전형
제출서류 이력서
마감일자 2019년 01월 12일 부터 2019년 06월 30일 까지
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프리미엄 채용정보
연구원, 박사 (~04.03)
연구원, 학사 (~03.31)
주식회사 메디포럼
경력사원, 석사 (~03.30)
(주)경일메디칼 신입 및 경력사..
신입사원, 학사 (~03.31)
안전성평가연구소 2019년 상반..
PostDoc, 박사 (~04.02)
기타, 학력무관 (~04.03)
연구원, 석사 (~03.26)
한국벡크만쿨터 (주) Life Scien..
신입사원, 석사 (~04.13)
기타, 학사 (~03.24)
한올바이오파마(주) 바이오연구..
경력사원, 석사 (~03.29)
연구원, 학사 (~03.29)
(주)에이프로젠 수시공고
경력사원, 석사 (~03.31)
신입/경력 Marketing/Products..
경력사원, 학력무관 (~03.22)
Caltech-MIT-IBS Global Pioneer..
PostDoc, 박사 (~03.27)
경력사원, 학사 (~03.21)
(주)이뮨메드 진단본부,신약본부..
경력사원, 석사 (~03.21)
연구원, 박사 (~03.28)
연구원, 학사 (~04.10)
경력사원, 학사 (~03.23)
연구원, 학사 (~04.05)
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