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조회 458  인쇄하기 주소복사 트위터 공유 페이스북 공유 
Genetic analysis of the Lf1 gene that controls leaflet number in soybean

Soon-Chun Jeong1,*, Ji Hong Kim1, Dong Nyuk Bae1

Bio-Evaluation Center, Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Cheongju, Korea

*Corresponding author

Changes in leaf architecture as photosynthesis factories remain a major challenge for the improvement of crop productivity. Unlike most soybeans, which have compound leaves comprising three leaflets, the soybean Lf1 mutant has a high frequency of compound leaves with five leaflets in a partially dominant manner. Here, we generated a fine genetic map to determine the genetic basis of this multifoliolate leaf trait. A five-leaflet variant Dusam was found in a recently collected landrace cultivar. Phenotypic data were collected from the F2 population of a cross between the Dusam and three-leaflet cultivar V94-5152. The mapping results generated using public markers indicated that the five-leaflet determining gene in Dusam is an allele of the previously studied Lf1 gene on chromosome 8. A high-resolution map delimited the genomic region controlling the leaflet number trait to a sequence length of 49 kb. AP2 domain-containing Glyma.08g281900 annotated in this 49 kb region appeared to be a strong candidate for the Lf1-encoding gene, as members of the AP2-type transcription factor family regulate lateral organ development. Dusam additionally exhibits visually distinct phenotypes for shattering and seed-coat cracking traits. However, the two traits were clearly unlinked to the Lf1 gene in our mapping population. Interestingly, the mapping results suggest that the Lf1 gene most likely exerts a pleiotropic effect on the number of seeds per pod. Thus, our results provide a strong foundation towards the cloning of this compound leaf development gene and marker-assisted selection of the seeds per pod trait.

- 형식: Research article
- 게재일: 2017년 08월 (BRIC 등록일 2017-07-26)
- 연구진: 국내연구진 태극기
- 분야: Genetics, Plant Science
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프리미엄 Bio일정 Bio일정 프리미엄 안내
[BIOSPINE-AP 2018] Bio-Spine Asia Pacific Congress 2018    /    2018 아태지역 바이오스파인 국제학술대회
[BIOSPINE-AP 2018] Bio-Spine Asia Pacific Congress 2018 / 2018 아태지역 바이오스파인 국제학술대회
초록접수: ~2018.03.31
사전접수: ~2018.04.28
날짜: 2018.04.26~28
장소: 연세대학교 백양로 그랜드볼룸 (서울 서대문구 연세로 50)
LC-MS/MS 기초와 LC-MS/MS를 이용한 임상 약물분석 실습과정
LC-MS/MS 기초와 LC-MS/MS를 이용한 임상 약물분석 실습과정
사전접수: ~2018.04.04
날짜: 2018.04.05~06
장소: 구로디지털단지 우림이비지센터2차 1406호 (2호선 구로디지털단지역 3번출구 도보 10분)
Tissue Clearing and 3D imaging Workshop (조직투명화 기술과 3차원 이미징)
Tissue Clearing and 3D imaging Workshop (조직투명화 기술과 3차원 이미징)
날짜: 2018.04.18~19
장소: 안양시 동안구 시민대로 327번길 28, 3층 (로고스바이오시스템스 본사)
2018년 서경배과학재단 신진과학자 연구지원 프로그램 공고
바이오/의약분야 계약 및 협상의 이해 과정
바이오/의약분야 계약 및 협상의 이해 과정
날짜: 2018.04.04~06
장소: 성남시 분당구 판교역로 182 한국반도체산업협회 건물 9층 강의장
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