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2019 Cerebral Vascular Biology (CVB) Conference
개최일   2019.06.25~28
장소   Miami, Florida (USA)
주최/주관   International Brain Barriers Society (IBBS)
URL   http://www.cvent.com/events/2019-cerebral-vascular-biology-conference/...
형태   학술대회
모집인원   제한없음
참가비   유료($450~750)
문의    usa (503) 635-4761 Option 2 / registrations(at).wellassembled.com
분야   Medicine, Nanobio, Neuroscience

It is my great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 13th International Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology (CVB 2019) from June 25 – 28, 2019 in Miami, Florida.

CVB 2019 will be a forum for scientists from around the world to discuss their cutting edge research on CNS barriers, particularly the blood- brain barrier (BBB) and blood-cerebrospinal fluid-barrier (BCSFB). This will be the continuation of a very successful conference series that was initiated in 1992. The last three conferences took place in Montreal, Canada (2013); Paris, France (2015); and Melbourne, Australia (2017). The CVB conference is returning to the US after 16 years of absence as the most important conference related to cerebral vascular biology. The participants will discuss current and future research surrounding cerebral vascular biology, including development of the brain barriers, drug transport and delivery across the BBB and BCSFB, the role of brain barriers in the etiology and pathology of neurological diseases, and therapeutic strategies to reverse these diseases by targeting the BBB and BCSFB. The emphases will be placed on novel nanotechnologies of drug delivery into the brain and clinical research on disorders involving cerebral vasculature.

This exciting program will therefore attract national and international delegates with an interest in vascular biology, pharmacology, neuroscience and pharmaceutical science, all with the ultimate aim of promoting the brain barriers as key in maintaining brain homeostasis and contributing to disease processes. Active participation of trainees and minorities will be strongly encouraged.

Organization of CVB 2019 is a collaborative effort between the University of Miami, Florida International University (both in Miami, FL), and Academy of Physical Education (Katowice, Poland). I hope you will consider joining us in Miami for CVB 2019.

Michal Toborek (Chair CVB 2019) for the Organizing Committee

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고려대학교 KU-KIST 융합대학원
프리미엄 Bio일정 Bio일정 프리미엄 안내
2019 서경배과학재단 신진과학자 연구지원 프로그램 공고
[BRIC Webinar]생존 운동 신경세포에서의 circular RNA 생성-서준배 (Iowa State University)
이매스교육센터 3월, 4월 교육일정 안내
이매스교육센터 3월, 4월 교육일정 안내
사전접수: ~2019.04.17
날짜: 2019.04.18~19
장소: 구로디지털단지 우림이비지센터2차 1406호 (2호선 구로디지털단지역 3번출구 도보 10분)
[BRIC Webinar]과도한 염증 반응을 제어하는 단백질 인산화효소 MST1 규명-이인영 (고려대학교)
국제연구인력교류사업 (해외고급과학자 초빙사업, 해외우수신진연구자 유치사업) 공모
날짜: 2019.03.31
주관: CJ제일제당
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