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Bio일정 프리미엄(유료) 등록이란?
한빛사 웨비나 - 이종민
2015년 9월달 Bio일정을 확인하세요
Biojob 프리미엄(유료) 등록이란?
대메뉴안내: Bio일정
학술 교육 연구비 공고 Webinar
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The 39th Annual Meeting of Korean Cancer Association
주최   대한암학회
날짜   2013.06.13 ~ 2013.06.14
장소   서울 Lotte Hotel (소공동) 2층 Crystal Ballroom
문의처    02-792-1486
URL   http://www.cancer.or.kr/abstract/
분류   생물학관련 모든 분야
Dear Colleagues,

A new spring of 2013 is coming up. We wish you all great success in your plans and research.
We cordially invite you to the 39th Annual Meeting of Korean Cancer Association (KCA) taking place from 13th to 14th of June at the Lotte Hotel Seoul.

In spirit of KCA fundamental principles that are oriented to multi- and interdisciplinary research and treatment, the program of the meeting is dedicated to disseminate new findings and to promote basic science, transitional research, multi- and interdisciplinary convergent research, and development of new pharmaceuticals and clinical research.

The program will foster the exchange of knowledge and new ideas among members from broad spectrum of research in cancer and related biomedical science: new perspectives in angiogenesis and systems biology; molecular imaging techniques that allow treatment and diagnostic approaches; cancer metabolism; cooperative inter-group research essential in development of new pharmaceuticals; and cancer survivorship. A multilateral symposium with Korea Genome Organization, the Korean Society of Pathologists, National Onco Venture and Korean Society of Gynecologic Oncology is planned to be held.

Invited speakers for Plenary sessions are Dr. Weiping Zou (University of Michigan) who frontiered in tumor immunology including PD-1/PD-L1 and regulatory T cell, and Dr. Hideyuki Saya (Keio University) who is famous for his outstanding research in cancer stem cell.
We also invited 2 premier Korean Plenary speakers, professors Sung Hee Baek and Sung Hoon Kim who have been dedicated in cancer signal transduction pathways, will present high-quality understandings in cancer biology.
For more connections and inspired networking between the passionate young investigators, early-career scientists are scheduled to present their research findings in Young Investigator Symposium. Through Educational Session, a wealth of up-to-date ideas and information in each field will be shared.
In particular, from this year, International Session is planned to promote attendance of foreign researchers. In this session, previously published abstracts in cancer-related international meetings and abstracts with premier research findings will be presented and discussed in English.

We look forward to enthusiastic participation of KCA members and cancer researchers. We wish this annual meeting to be a place for energetic discussions, active communication, and fruitful collaboration between experts in cancer research.


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프리미엄 Bio일정 Bio일정 프리미엄 안내
Biologics Drug Discovery  Solution Workshop 2015
Biologics Drug Discovery Solution Workshop 2015
사전접수: ~2015.09.15
날짜: 2015.09.16
장소: COEX 3층 E Hall, E7
전기전자 의료기기 인허가 과정 교육생 모집
전기전자 의료기기 인허가 과정 교육생 모집
날짜: 2015.09.17~18
장소: 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로 700 코리아바이오파크 B동
안전성 약리 과정(2차교육) 교육생 모집
안전성 약리 과정(2차교육) 교육생 모집
날짜: 2015.10.07~08
장소: 안전성평가연구소
LC-MS/MS 질량분석기 배우기 - 기초과정
LC-MS/MS 질량분석기 배우기 - 기초과정
날짜: 2015.09.15
장소: 서울시 구로디지털단지(홈페이지 약도참조)
2015년도 한국분자세포생물학회 정기학술대회
2015년도 한국분자세포생물학회 정기학술대회
날짜: 2015.09.21~23
장소: 코엑스 1층 Grand Ballroom
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