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The Hormone FGF21 Stimulates Water Drinking in Response to Ketogenic Diet and Alcohol
Cell Metab.  |  2018.04.18
Amygdala Functional and Structural Connectivity Predicts Individual Risk Tolerance
Neuron  |  2018.04.16
Determining Risk of Colorectal Cancer and Starting Age of Screening Based on Lifestyle, Environmental, and Genetic Factors
Gastroenterology  |  2018.04.13
Systematic Characterization of Stress-Induced RNA Granulation
Mol. Cell  |  2018.04.11
nc886 is induced by TGF-β and suppresses the microRNA pathway in ovarian cancer
Nat. Commun.  |  2018.04.06
N-terminal arginylation generates a bimodal degron that modulates autophagic proteolysis
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA  |  2018.04.06
Mbd2-CP2c loop drives adult-type globin gene expression and definitive erythropoiesis
Nucleic Acids Res.  |  2018.04.04
Signaling function of PRC2 is essential for TCR-driven T cell responses
J. Exp. Med.  |  2018.04.03
Biallelic Mutations in ATP5F1D, which Encodes a Subunit of ATP Synthase, Cause a Metabolic Disorder
Am. J. Hum. Genet.  |  2018.04.03
The choroid plexus is an important circadian clock component
Nat. Commun.  |  2018.03.23
Autologous iPSC-Based Vaccines Elicit Anti-tumor Responses In Vivo
Cell Stem Cell  |  2018.03.19
MSD1 regulates pedicellate spikelet fertility in sorghum through the jasmonic acid pathway
Nat. Commun.  |  2018.03.14
A robotic multidimensional directed evolution approach applied to fluorescent voltage reporters
Nat. Chem. Biol.  |  2018.03.13
The developmental transcriptome atlas of the spoon worm Urechis unicinctus (Echiurida: Annelida)
GigaScience  |  2018.03.08
Autophagy Caught in the Act: A Supramolecular FRET Pair Based on an Ultrastable Synthetic Host–Guest Complex Visualizes Autophagosome–Lysosome Fusion
Angew. Chem.-Int. Edit.  |  2018.03.07
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